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Since its foundation in Nairobi in 2009, Shreeji Chemicals Limited was incorporated in 2011; it has become the leading supplier of Sodium silicate glass and liquid products in Kenya and other East African Countries. Currently having well established manufacturing facilities at Mariakani,Kilifi County & Mololongo , Nairobi including the Nairobi Headquarters. Currently we are in the process of setting up manufacturing facilities in Jinja Uganda and Mukaranga Tanzania.Shreeji Chemicals Limited is the largest manufacturer and suppliers of Sodium Silicate in East Africa. Started during Year 2010 At Miritini mombasa with daily production of 200/MT Sodium Silicate Solid, 175/MT at Mololongo and 75/MT at Mariakani Sodium Silicate Liquid.Inline with our customer oriented service delivery, with the increased demand , we have relocated to more spacious and modern manufacturing facility with a production capacity upto 450 MT/day Sodium Silicate combining 200MT/Day Solid Sodium Silicate and 250MT/Day Liquid Sodium Silicate.With onset of COVID-19 pandemic from March-2020, there is more demand for Soaps & Detergents ,we are able operate and continue service delivery to our valuable customers without any interruptions.

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Uses and applications of liquid and solid sodium silicate

Detergents Industry

The sodium silicate have been used as an ingredient in the drying process in the manufacture of detergent powder for many years

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Adhesives Industry

Silicates that are more siliceous are useful as adhesives or binders

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Cements / Binders

When ingredients are combined with silicate cement, they react chemically to form substances with strong binding properties

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Films and Coatings

Dry silicate films are not affected by grease, tallow, and mineral or other types of oils

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Water Treatment

When silicates are used with alum, ferric salts or other coagulants in the treatment of untreated water, they increase the rate of flocculation, including size, density and strength

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Casting Industry

Sodium silicate is a well known binder for sand casting

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Mineral Processing

Soluble silicates are used in numerous processes for the concentration of minerals

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Textiles Industry

Sodium silicates have many applications in the textile workshops.

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